1840 1929 dating old photograph


The invention of the sewing machine enabled factories to produce mass qualities of clothing.The Victorian period was the true influence of the modern men's fashions, while the women's fashions changed considerably with the rise in feminism in the 20th century men's clothing changes very slowly.Photos Made Perfect is not an expert on "photo dating".We give credits where it's due by links to resources.

This would lead you on a search for a list of business directory records of photographers from that time period.The #1, the photographic method, #2, the clothes they are wearing and #3, the photographer's stamp, if there is one present.Understanding how historical events effect society and it's fashions is major in researching the date of a photograph.The Victorian era was the life span of Queen Victoria of England from 1837 to 1901, which influenced fashion and mourning customs after the death of Prince Albert in 1861.The rise of the economy allowed the common man to afford more elaborate clothing.Specifically one that you may have inherited a copy of an ancestor's photograph and the physical attributes are not available, you only have the clothes to go on or just the hairdo.

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