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As marcotted plants have a shallow root system, they should not be grown on hillsides.

In the north, longans are often propagated by inarching.

This procedure involves taking a slice graft from a rootstock grown in a plastic bag and splice grafting on to the branch of the mother tree.

The graft is bound with tape until the graft takes; this may take two to four months depending on the weather.

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It is milder in flavor and less acidic than lychee.

About 65-70% were consumed as fresh fruits domestically, while the rest is exported in the form of dry fruits 2.1.3 Origin and distribution: The origin is uncertain; some think the mountainous chain in Myanmar through Southern China while others think Southwest India and Sri Lanka including the lowlands.

The crop is mainly grown in southern China, Taiwan and Thailand.

The major difference between lychee and longan, however, is the taste of fruits.

While lychee has both a sweet and sour taste with a pleasing aroma, longan has only sweet with no sour taste and very little aroma.

Many people, especially the Chinese, love to eat longan as they believe the fruit provides vitality and energy and possibly has some medicinal properties.

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