Advice in dating


for my age i would say im pretty respectable, i workout, im healthy and relatively selfsustaining.

the problem is that in most of school i was pretty little like i've only really began growing the last 1 year or so.

I know im probably gonna get a lot of "Boys shouldn't be dating and having sex when they are 16" comments, but i would like some help.

so if you are that type of guy, just dont comment:) im 16 turning 17 pretty soon.

:/ Some context: After I asked a guy why'd he approved of us hanging out, etc, etc, when there was this other girl who was literally trying so hard to catch his attention, she would pop in front of him all the time at school, yet he was appaled by her.

He said that I was much more of his interest since I "wasn't trying too hard".

If you’re thinking about trying online dating for the first time, we can show you a whole host of reasons why you should give it a go, as well as helping you get started at a pace that’s feels right for you. Why not read our tips on what not to say in your dating profile or our top 10 ways to tell if he likes you. Or maybe you’re simply feeling the pressure to impress.

I had felt so so shitty this past month, it triggered my binge cycle (which I’m still not out of), and I was finally moving on and talking to a couple of really NICE guys. But then again, ALL I really ever wanted was even just ONE text. I considered him as a friend first and foremost more than anything, and it just really made me feel shitty. My small talk is boring, repetitive, and I have zero wit over text.

But in the modern dating world where effective texting is a precursor to a successful dating life, I feel like my boring texting skills are ruining any of my chances to date.

I need an adultier adult to help me figure out what I can do from here on out. We had been talking and hanging out occasionally for about 4 months, and one night after going out he convinces me to sleep with him (as in, I was quite hesitant at first but was eventually like ‘ok yeah alright’). ) was that I’ve had a lot of guys stop talking to me after sex, which just makes me feel really shitty and he said something like ‘I’m not an asshole’.

Update: Today’s our 23-month and he bought me a security system. I texted him about 3 days later, he leaves me on read and never replied back :-) (until today).

He was hesitant at first because he wasn’t financially ready to move, although I had offered to cover most of the expenses because a) I financially can and b) do not want to live alone in a new area. Either way, I’d have to move in because I didn’t want to lose the unit. Boyfriend has not moved in yet, and it’s almost been a week.

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