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Overseas is a little different especially in smaller shops because everyone is usually a little bit closer since everyone hangs out on holidays and stuff. During the 80s no one cared about enlisted hanging out no matter what the rank.

The only time people started questioning a friendship was when officers and enlisted were hanging out.

Personally, I'm not chummy with those out of my rank tier, but that's just because of the age gap.

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Just started dating an army officer-turned-law-student and not sure what to make of things.

He's definitely very different from all my civilian boyfriends, so I wanted to get some anonymous opinions.

I worked with a staff sergeant who dated and married a Capt. Literally, nothing good can come from clinging to your junior enlisted friends once you make rank.

The Phase Program begins on the day the recruit arrives at the technical school and (in most cases) ends when an airman graduates technical training and proceeds to their first permanent duty assignment.

If you relocate because of academic reclassification or to attend follow-on training courses, you continue in phase progression from the day you left the last training locations.

I've seen airman dating seniors NCOs, to airman banging out married NCOs, and everything in between.

I don't know about some of you guys, but professionalism falls pretty flat in the maintenance world.

Just trying to put his behavior and personality in context. It is hard to give you advice without knowing either of you but these are things you should discuss with him. Their public persona is the most important thing often in the absence of a private persona. But there is a depth of insecurity there too, that I just haven't seen before in previous boyfriends.

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