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The book -- Haa Wsineix̱ Haa Yoo X̱ 'atángi / Our Language Saved Us: A Guidebook for Learning the Tlingit Language -- focuses on verbs. A new website to introduce learners to Alaska Native Languages is, a educational resource funded by the Alaska Humanities Forum.

The site is for learners and teachers of Alaska Native languages and anyone who is curious.

Ben Levine's 3-minute video on Co Lang2016 made for the 2018 Video Showcase (NSF) is now available online: Director Lawrence Kaplan writes: "It's fun to get on the site, view our video and many others that have been submitted.

People began sending questions this morning, which I am answering.

Shem Pete's Alaska, a book by James Kari and James Fall published in 2003 and to be republished in 2016 by the University of Alaska Press, has a three-page section, "Names for Denali in Alaska Native Languages and the Denali Name Change of 2015." [download] A new edition of the groundbreaking map showing the indigenous language regions of Alaska—and related languages of neighboring areas of Canada and Russia—is now available.

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The Tlingits figure prominently, and Walkie Charles starts things out."Fellowships cover travel, tuition, and room and board.This work updates the map originally compiled in 1974 by former ANLC Director Michael Krauss and last updated in 1982.[Buy] [Download a smaller, free version suitable for Power Point and classroom/office presentations] Language Blog The Talking Alaska blog provides reflections on Alaska's Native languages.Nunamta Ellamta-llu Ayuqucia / What Our Land and World Are Like is a collaboration between community members in Kotlik, Emmonak, Alakanuk, and Nunam Iqua who have worked together with the Calista Elders Council to record the history of their land and lives.Oral historian Alice Rearden and anthropologist Ann Fienup-Riordan produced this book, which is richly illustrated with maps and historical and current-day photos. Pete (1896-1989), the colorful raconteur from Susitna Station, left a rich legacy of knowledge about the Upper Cook Inlet Dena'ina world.

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