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While many of them have also been taken down, there were reportedly hundreds of pornographic videos and photos of Wright online. Try googling “Alexis Wright” and “popsicle.”) In some, she went by her own name.

She also allegedly used aliases like Zumba Whore, Maine Zumba Queen, and Ki Ki Cu. I enjoy working with people and feel that the human body is to be enjoyed visually and physically.

” the lawyer says he asked.“Because I’ve seen this blog,” the client responded. Not long after, she and the father split, but he stayed involved in the boy’s life.

The blog in question, Alexiswrightzumbateacherpornstar, began with an anonymous entry on August 30, 2010: If anyone knows Alexis Wright from Kennebunk Maine you probably think she’s a sweet, friendly Zumba teacher . Parent says she babysat for Wright, who claimed to be busy with pre-med classes.

Part of a pre-school group of moms, Wright would be at birthday parties on the weekends and had a boyfriend named Jason Trowbridge, whom she married in the summer of 2012.

Parent says that for a long time she didn’t have a clue about Wright’s other life.

On the Web site Part Time Porn Star, a woman calling herself “Lexilove,” who appeared to be Wright, sold videos and advertised lesbian photos for each. I love being intimate with both men and women, however I would have to make sure that you are totally clean! ”Feals says that, while Wright’s Facebook page was all about her life as a mom, sometimes a link would pop up, through which you could trace Wright back to a porn site, according to some of Wright’s Facebook friends.

I do not believe in Drugs, or people hurting people. Buying my pics and/or video will help me pay my way through school. ”Jennifer Feals, who has covered the story for the reported that a woman who appeared to be Wright wrote on another Web site, “I live in a small town in Maine and have my own dance studio, many in my community do not realize that I am an exhibitionist and that I crave sex. She’d tell the other mothers that her account had been hacked.

The advertisements for massages were only a small part of the picture.In the area around Kennebunk, it was an open secret long before the scandal broke that Alexis Wright led a double life. Here was an atractive [Wright graduated from nearby Topsham’s Mt.“I knew about this story,” one lawyer who is involved tells me. He said, ‘Look, there’s a woman in town who’s a Zumba instructor. I’ve seen her and I’m worried.’ ”“Why [are you worried]? Ararat High School in 2001, and in May 2005 had a son.But, she says, “as I found out, I could fit the pieces together.” Parent and her husband would talk about the fact that Wright seemed to be able to be unusually generous, but it wasn’t until another mother sent Parent a video from the Internet of Wright performing a sexual act that she said, “Oh my God.”Wright, unlike most people with double lives, didn’t seem to be trying to keep any secrets.She reportedly advertised her massage services—which she performed at an office space she also rented in Kennebunk—through a Web site called Sensual Body Work by Lydia.Many in the picturesque Maine town of Kennebunk—a short trip from the Bush-family compound—knew that the sweet, friendly Zumba teacher was leading a double life. camera, one Sony camcorder, one Samsung camcorder, one Sony Handycam, one Pentax camera, one JVC camcorder, a black Fuji camera, two Canon Rebel cameras. Surveillance glasses and black night-vision glasses. Eight Express Mail labels addressed to Strong Investigations.

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