This is great news for aficionados of anal sex, as they can now join sites such as Anal Dream Date and hook up with partners who share their interest in “backdoor loving”.Anal sex has had a long history of being “taboo”, a subject that “nice girls and guys” wouldn’t dare talk about.It’s important to find out at this stage why your new sex interest has joined a dating site.Is she/he looking for a long-term relationship or just a casual encounter?If you find you are both looking for something different you will probably want to move on, but please don’t be rude to the person - she/he has feelings too, and it is courteous to at least leave on a friendly note.Wish them well in their search for someone, they will likely extend the same wishes to you.Send out a first message that simply introduces yourself as someone who finds them interesting.Something like “Hi, I’m Steve and I really like your profile.


The fastest growing trend in online dating is the emergence of “niche” dating sites, these are adult dating sites dedicated to specific sexual tastes or preferences.An opening line (or in this case, an opening Wink) like “hey baby, you have a hot ass - I’d love to sink my dick between your delicious butt checks” will likely end your chances before you even get started!Approach a new contact like you would any new person you meet, online or offline.Bottom line - treat people the way you would want to be treated yourself.If you do find that she/he is after a similar relationship as you are then wonderful - you are ready to move forward.The problem is no one wears a label or a badge that indicates whether they are “pro-anal” or “anti-anal”, so you need to find another way to answer the question without offending or frightening away your potential new lover.

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