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Most guys are too ashamed after they got scammed like that to do anything about it, and once you’ve set up the site it only takes a handful of marks to turn a profit on it. Hundreds of emails and Hundreds of replies This will happen when the hookup site is trying to get you to pay for the premium service. They’ll use images of random girls and automated replies to get you to pay so that you can reply. No dates A paid service can’t ensure you get a date but at least one of our team of six should have gotten at least one date during the four months we interacted with the site.

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If the ratio isn’t even, then you’re looking a crappy hook up site. They hope you slink quietly away feeling slightly embarrassed. Thankfully for those folks, there are a special brand of dating sites for having affairs that are out there just for them. It means they need to find that romantic and sexual release outside of their marriage. Other times, that spark that drove you to tie the knot in the first place withers and dies. A whopping 91% of them turned out to be porn sites for cam girls, or escort services, or in still other cases, something much, much worse. Some of them are literally set for sole purpose of blackmailing users under the threat of exposure to their spouses and family. The children would be hurt if you and your spouse were to sever ties. We reviewed over 50 of them and found the number of real dating sites for having affairs numbered in the single digits. You have to be very careful when registering for affair websites. Now the problem with affair websites, is that the vast majority of them are fraudulent. But there’s no real affection either, and whether we admit it to ourselves or not, most of us do like that emotional bond that comes from sexual relationships. You don’t do it necessarily because you enjoy smoking, but that fear of getting caught is exhilarating. There’s nothing wrong if that’s what you’re into, but for us we wanted to focus on real affair websites that matched you up with real married women and married women to married men.

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