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Then, the custom Slack Bots you can build and install are the main reason bots became a buzzword over the past few years, with tools that can start projects, crunch numbers, and approve invoices right from your team chat. You can make it look how you want with deeply customizable themes.Its emoji-based reactions are a super-powered version of Facebook's ubiquitous Like button.

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Launched in mid-2013 by the team that built Flickr, it quickly became one of the most popular ways to chat in groups. Slack's built-in Slackbot tool can remind you of messages—or set a reminder about anything you need to remember.

Stride is designed to help your team get things done from chat.

You can mark any message as a task, then check those tasks off from your chat sidebar.

Then, there are private messages, where you can directly message a colleague or chat with a smaller group away from group discussions.

Tying it all together is universal search to find old conversations and files quickly.

There will typically be a group for random discussions, along with groups for each team or topic your company is discussing—and maybe a few fun groups about pets and music and other fun stuff.

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