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Perhaps the most counterintuitive but convincing advice he offers is that your network’s weaker ties, the people with whom you have rarely connected for years or even decades, might prove more valuable than your closest connections. The people you know best usually know the same people and also know what you know.

“Our weak ties often build a bridge from one cluster to another and thus give us access to new information,” writes the author.

A self-help business book that challenges conventional wisdom about networking.

As a business professor and contributor to TED and the Harvard Business Review, Burkus (Under New Management: How Leading Organizations Are Upending Business as Usual, 2016, etc.) has compiled plenty of anecdotes and case studies about how successful people have networked to form successful alliances, and he backs these stories with some theoretical underpinnings from the social sciences.

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He is also the author of UNDER NEW MANAGEMENT and THE MYTHS OF CREATIVITY.“Is your company ready for a radical departure from twentieth-century management standards?David Burkus has collected the stories of dozens of companies that are standing the old rules on their heads. And in our interview segment, one of the world’s top sales authorities is back with us to reframe everything we think we know about the purpose of a ...…Success, Yes, Opportunities, Business, Fear Summary How advisable is it to say yes before we might feel we’re READY to say yes? And in our interview segment, we’ll speak with Tricia Brouk and discover why saying YES is so often a very powerful success strategy. Bob's T ...…Emotional Intelligence, Sales, Business, Relationships, Influence 073 Sales EQ - Jeb Blount Summary Emotional intelligence might just be the ultimate difference-maker in terms of living a successful and influential life. And in our interview segment, one of the world’s top sales authorities shows us ...…Mentoring, Business, Success, Coaching, Networking Summary When seeking out a mentor, there are both correct and incorrect ways to go about it. And in our interview segment, mentor extraordinaire Dondi Scumaci shares some fantastic (what else? Bob's ...…Success, Discipline, Transformation, Coaching, Health Summary Asking ourselves two big questions can go a long way toward business success and personal happiness. And in our interview segment, mega-successful entrepreneur Craig Ballantyne shares powerful, life-enhancing wisdom from his terrific book ...…Business, Customers, Clients, Relationships, Service Summary Placing the customer’s interests before your own is actually the most profitable way to do business. And in our second segment, we’ll look at that further through one quick example. David is assistant professor of management at the College of Business at Oral Roberts University, where he teaches courses on creativity, innovation, entrepreneurship, and organizational behavior.

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