Calgary dating services consumer complaints


Maybe it’s a good thing they haven’t gotten back to me if this is how they run their business. It is so junky and nasty not to mention it will take all day to find one item.

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I explained that I can still receive all other products like soap and paper goods.

How come they still hire after I was let go and still get mail say Cintas looks after there employees and family .

And every year I get a letter from Scott Farmer thank for all you have done in services and many more. I knew when I left that day I would never get a call back. What really ticks me off is that they make you sign a document about receiving a check for your time when you do a day trail to see if you are good enough to work for them. So why get a person to sign this when you don’t deliver.

While out on fmla leave for surgery due to that injury they replaced his position and promised him a new route just as big as the other one but instead fired him.

Reply I would like to just just vent a little, I recently applied for a route driver position I did the ride along 5 interviews and even interviewed with the general manager.

Approximately five million people wear Cintas’ uniforms to work each day. It’s starting to get frustrating because I’ve received three of these letters I’m a week.

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