Cam chat website without credit card needed to sign up

But then you would have to change your card numbers and deal with all the hassle that involves.

I follow the link, put in the activation code, then it takes me to a page asking for credit card information. I've already changed my POF password, and my gmail password.

If you need help adding your card, please click here.

To access your billing statements, just follow these steps: Here you can choose the date and format of the statement you want to view or print in the "Download Statements" section on the page.

I copied this link and sent it saying "looks like somebody beat you to it." NO RESPONSE.

You'll need to add your Macy's Credit Card or your Macy's American Express® Card to your profile to view your billing statement.

I was about to send a follow up message with the advice to not just copy and paste pictures and logos that are small and then blow them up larger because it looks pixilated and unprofessional hahaha, but when I hit send, I was informed that the account of the "girl" I'd been talking to had been deleted. lol I'm pretty sure I just experienced the same thing.

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