Cambodian dating rituals


A lot of business is conducted in Phnom Penh but many people have moved there from smaller towns.

They enjoy talking about places to visit in Cambodia, especially the famous city of Angkor which is a particular source of pride.

Remember if they like you, they like you all your life.

If they do not, they won’t want to talk to you ever. Those who tend to lose their tempers are not remembered fondly.

Laughing or joking and showing appreciation can be acceptable.

In any situation at work or family environment, try to ask any person of a higher level of respect at lease 3 times whether they accept your presence or not.When greeting a monk, you need to salute them and then beg a spirit for help, or bow down to the floor and salute. Make sure you bow your head a little bit when you see a person higher rank, as you would for an elder, a monk or a king).Ask them if they allow you to use their name; otherwise you will offend them by using it. Touching, hugging, or kissing, especially for women or girls, is not.As for humour, the Cambodians are quick to laugh and enjoy joking around quite a lot.On the other hand, sarcastic humour would not be understood.In Canadian Culture "YES" means "YES"; "NO" means "NO", but not in Cambodian culture. Talking about your family, work and home country are all very interesting to Cambodians.

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