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As they said in the ACEG, they were luxuriating in that rarity of rarities in the TV world, job security.We start off with a very good but not spectacular episode.• Host segment 2 is another “broken sketch sketch” — essentially Joel/Mike and the bots try to put on a sketch and the whole thing goes to hell — that was a MST3K staple throughout the years. A.” Script writer Mayo Simon also worked on “Phase IV.” In front of the camera, David Janssen was also in “Superdome.” James Franciscus was also in “City on Fire.” Tom Stewart was also in “SST: Death Flight.” And Walter Brooke was also in “Bloodlust” and “San Francisco International.” • Credits Watch: Additional Contributing Writer: Bridget Jones. For the entire season, they had the services of Rob “the engineer” Burkhardt in engineering. First shown: 6/13/92 Opening: Joel has made Crow and Tom the Thing with Two Heads Invention exchange: J&t B show off their sitcom radio, the Mads demonstrate their renaissance festival punching bags Host segment 1: Crow and Tom disrupt Joel’s soda shop sketch Host segment 2: J&t B discuss the funny drunk Host segment 3: “Servo on Cinema” looks at Ray Kellogg’s “Leg Up” directorial style, but Crow and Joel horn in End: J&t B have formed the rock group Hee-La, Joel reads some letters (including one from TV’s Frank! The movie in this episode is in public domain, which meant that CC could play it as often as it liked, and it played it a lot, so much so that some online MSTies began to grumble about (yes, topic number 386 of the things online MSTies grumbled about). • The little bit Joel and the bots do in unison at the end is a popular reading from AA meetings. Also: “Glenn is 50 feet tall.” (War of the Colossal Beast) • For those who wondered why Pearl called Crow “Art” many seasons later, it’s because of the illustration that accompanied one of the letters Joel reads in this episode.Not all of them were that funny but this one is pretty good. ” closing bit by the Mads became a great way to say goodbye to MSTie pals for years. Host Segments Directed by: Jim Mallon, but, unlike most of last season, they will take turns as the season goes on. F’s last name is still spelled “Forrestor.” Frank is, beginning with this episode, “TV’s Frank.” The new season means a new set of interns, most notably this episode marks the arrival of Patrick Brantseg. Added have been Mark Gilbertson, all MSTies coast-to-coast and the authors of the 1st Amendment. Clayton James comes in for a two-show stint in hair and makeup. ) Stinger: Old guy gags on sody pop • It’s hard to go wrong with this episode. • You’ve got to assume there were multiple puppeteers in the trench for that bit with the decapitated bots. • That’s Mike, of course, as the radio announcer • We get more trashing of the Renaissance Fest, last bashed in episode 303- POD PEOPLE. F’s mic cord during the invention exchange • Servo does his great coughing car sound, sort of an impression of Mel Blanc as Jack Benny’s car. Apparently the young letter writer had just seen episode 203- JUNGLE GODDESS, in which Joel imitates the way Jackie Gleason would introduce his cast and the end of the show. ” The little letter writer, not understanding the reference, just assumed Crow’s name was Art.

Vivec: "When I die in the world of time, then I'm completely asleep. Rose: You'll ruin your eyes playing so close to the TV.First shown: 6/6/92 Opening: The Great Crowdini attempts an astounding escape.Invention exchange: J&t B demonstrate The Dollaroid, while the Mads show off their “facial” tissue Host segment 1: J&t B present a list of space race advancements Host segment 2: Reenacting the movie so Crow can do his killer Peck Host segment 3: J&t B wonder: If one of them had to sacrifice themselves…It has its moments (every MST3K episode does) but J&TB seem to be fending this one off, rather than tearing it up. Part of the problem is I don’t get why I am supposed to root for the biker kids.The plot’s confusing and most of the action is a little hard to see. An apparently hopeful and rebuilding government has contracted with Kim Cattrall and Robbie Benson to restore basic services. • This episode has not yet been released on commercial DVD.End: Magic fun, letters Stinger: Hackman, demonstrating that he’s good in anything • And so we begin the second of four 24-episode seasons BBI pumped out.

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