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Next, a survey URL is produced by Chalkmark which usability researchers can share with testers via an email, or on a web site.A researcher provides a brief description of the task that needs to be accomplished, and the tester clicks on the image where they think that task would be.Quickly run a test on your UI prototypes to answer any nagging questions about usability.

The reality is using a paper and pencil to draw interfaces, wireframes, cards for card sorts and a host of other usability mechanisms is an extremely fast, extremely effective way to conduct usability testing.Pros – Cheap, fast and extremely effective Cons – Early design stage testing only, not for use in testing interaction Pricing – Very cheap to free Back to the Usability Tools list Concept Feedback was and is designed as a way to gather input and feedback from experts about new designs for marketing or advertising purposes.However, this tool can be used by web site designers and usability researchers to gather information about potential new web site designs, or interfaces.In addition, there’s no guarantee the reviewer’s opinions reflect the actual user experience once the site is live.Pricing – Free Back to the Usability Tools list To quote the site: Do people know where to click?But what good is conducting usability testing, how can it help?

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