Carbon dating of opa oranmiyan

Agricultural Resources: Rice, Yam, Cashew Nuts, Cassava. Points of Interest: Miliken Hill, Nike Lake, Iva Valley Coal Mines. Kano State Capital: Kano Main Towns: Dambatta, Bumel, Gwarzo, Hadejia, Karaye, Kano, Ririwan.Imo State Capital: Owerri Main Town: Okigwe, Orlu, Oguta, Afikpo. Kano is one of the ancient Hausa Kingdoms where custom and tradition still play important roles in the life of local communities. Agricultural Resources: Wheat Groundnut, Cotton, Agriculture is the major economic activity and offers employment to more than 90% of the people.This thread reveals our need to move away and divest from our Crude oil blindness . Agricultural Resources: Coffee, Rice milling, Seed crushing for oil. The North has ruled Nigeria more than the south Yet the North remains the poorest of the poor Why is that so, Alj Harem Yorubaman who wannabe Kanuri? Before all this is done the FG has to have a good system to make sure people do not vandalise this sites as the case of zamfarai believe this would put less pressure of oil producing states and in short. Agricultural Resources: Largest Palm Forest in Nigeria Points of Interest: Ibeno famous for yatching and swimming, Oron Museaum - collection of finest carvings in Africa, Opobo Boatyard. Anambra State Capital: Awka Main Towns: Onitsha, Awka, Njikoka, Amawbia Natural Resources: Iron Ore, Limestone, Coal Fine Clay, Marble and Silica Sand, Lead, Zinc, Petroleum and Natural Gas. The Savanna vegetation would support mineralization activity than heavy rainfall areas wheremineralization will more easily be followed by increased weathering activities that degrade solid minerals.2. We can not say crude oil is for all and yet say other mineral resource is for individual states. The citizens = 100 metre champs, running for their lives from their own state faster than Usain Bolt. What is the purpose of resources when the will to be educated and intelligence to harness them are lacking? Natural Resources: Petroleum, Salt, Iron, Coal, Gold, Clay, Limestone, Laterite and Gravel. Many of the natural resources in terms of solid minerals are found in the North. As we speak, illegal gold mining is ongoing in Osun and Niger and Zamfara and Sokoto Zamfara folks went on illegal lead mining and 400 of them died of lead poisoning following seepage into drinking well waters Ok i see you pointbut it all boils down to whether we have a good resource monitory system that can crack down on this people. Akwa Ibom State Capital: Uyo Main Towns: Abak, Eket, Etinan, Ikono, Ikot Abasi, Itu, Oron, Uyo, Ikot Ekpene, Ukanafun.Popluar Markets: Kurmi, Sabon-Gari and Kantin-Kwan (all in Kano municipality).

Points of Interest: Sandy beaches of Asaba Koko Port Ajagbodudu, Olu's Palace. I do not represent Jonathan and have zero connection with govt or PDP. "The above is what I have pointed out as the sad story of Nigeria typified by Japan with zero natural resources and the Worlds 3rd largest economy and Nigeria's Borno state with its primitive boko haram and headlong dash for primitivity. Abia State Capital: Umuahia Main Towns: Aba, Akwette, Bende, Afikpo, Arochukwu Points of Interest: National War Museum at Umuahia where relecs of the Nigerian civil war and inventions are displayed. Please face the question I asked without dodging here and there; "what is the purpose of resources when there is a worrying absence of the will to be educated and a complete lack of the required intelligence to harness those resources?The North has ruled Nigeria more than the South and so had more opportunities to harness these resources for the betterment of the North in particular and the country in general. Though the perennial deficiency of human capital to harness them is another huge factor that . Benue State Capital: Makurdi Main Towns: Gboko, Katsina_Ala, Otukp, Ida, Dekina, Ankpa, Aliade, Vaneikya.Yet, the North remains the poorest of the poor Why is that so, Alj Harem Yorubaman who wannabe Kanuri? Every region has some real gem buried beneath them that can be used to develop every part of the country . Natural Resources: Coal, Limestone, Petroleum, Tin, Columbite.ATP Timber and Plywood Factory at Sapele Ebonyi State Capital: Abakiliki Main Towns: Abakiliki, Afikpo, Izzamgbo, Iboko, Aba Omege, Okposi, Uburu, Edda, Onueke Natural Resources: Cement, lead, zinc, salt Aricultural Resources: Rice, Yam, Groundnut Points of Interest: Ganymede Chapel is the historical site where the first governor of the Eastern Region was buried.

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