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Altogether, I think they were a couple for about six years before they married. What makes the difference between a relationship that’s too long, a relationship that’s too short, and a relationship that’s right on time?

I have a couple friends who began a romantic relationship and proceeded to marry within a year’s time. I have another couple friends who began their relationship in high school and waited until after they graduated from college to marry.

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You might recall from my post The Matrimonial Trinity: Betrothal, Dating, and Courtship that Courtship originated in great part in response to the bad habit of many people to stay in a relationship for the enjoyment of it without seriously pursuing marriage.

One result is the idea that a couple needs to fish or cut bait when it comes to marrying.

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In response, many Christians counsel couples to marry quickly so they have place for biblical sexual expression. Even the Apostle Paul encouraged the Corinthian believers to marry in order to have a place to find godly sexual satisfaction and thereby avoid sexual immorality (1 Cor. For couples facing the especially strong temptation to have sex with each other, the decision to marry quickly can be wise.

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