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We see another case where God and some angels also took on physical forms and functioned as human beings.

If you read in Genesis, all of chapter 18 and chapter 19 through verses 23 (I suggest the New Living Translation for better understanding) you will find proof of this.

I was motivated from a negative diagnosis about my metasticised Prostate Cancer & kept at it.

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I have had many people contact me saying that they wanted to hear from ‘another who experienced like success.’ Well, here it is!

I finally found the Baking Soda and/ or Cessium chloride experts that had experienced success in beating cancers. Mark Sircus, Dr Simoncini (Italy), Gregory Delaney, numerous web sites & several others.

The one that I was most impressed by was Vern (Vito) Johnston & his “common sense” Protocol & his internet site,

Therefore I embarked on a mission of wellness enhancement; engaged in/on a strict Kushi Macrobiotic-Organic diet & in 8 weeks dropped from 154 pounds,(@ 5’9”), to 132 , a 22 pound loss.

I also discovered from Verne Varona, along with others, that it- takes about 4 months to fully change our blood.

I therefore remained on Verne Varona’s Kushi modified organic/Macrobiotic diet.

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