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My friend just graduated from Northwestern Law (a top 25 school) and he's living with his parents!! You're you and don't let anyone get to you about who you are or what you do. Some of the kids in my class could probably recite the entire USC, but couldn't find their way out of a cardboard box if their life depended upon it. And like others said, Pedro probably won't see the light of day in the big leagues.

/inner game circle jerk Ive been off and on with a girl in law school.

He continues, so I figure maybe he didn't see that, so I go and start making out with her for 30 seconds, afterward he pretty much stops but it's clear he's still interested.

We bounce shortly after because everyone was just much too wasted, and we go back to her place and have sex a couple times. But the next day I find out that the classmate said a comment about 'Are you really dating someone who works at X retail store? When I heard that I was honestly really hurt and I think it was kind of obvious.

I started dating this girl who I think i'm falling for. On Saturday night we went to a party that her classmate was throwing.

Everything is great, she's into me and i'm into her, but i'm starting to lose the last 2 years of building up my self confidence because of one night in particular. We arrive at 11 but half of the guests have left and the remaining people are drunk as hell so it was a bit awkward.

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Give him an encouraging smile, and a clap on the shoulder; " Keep chasing your dreams slugger!

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But my rational brain says I won't know unless I take that chance. Don't show her your a wuss (some david deangelo for you). Also, to calm your nerves, the dude plays semi-pro baseball.

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