Consolidating sql servers


For example, SQL Server instances and databases using less than 30% of their hardware's processor, memory and disk space are excellent candidates for consolidation.

Organizations can leverage Hyper-V to consolidate many physical SQL Server installations on separate virtual machines that are running on a single host.Several teams have committed to optimizing resource utilization.Current efforts include data gathering and analysis to identify areas for improvement, platform standardization, capacity management, consolidation and provisioning of energy efficient facilities and hardware. This is especially true in large organizations with SQL Server infrastructures, where IT staffs often find themselves running many underutilized SQL Server installations.An underutilized SQL Server can result in increased hardware and management costs, lack of standardization and other challenges associated with business continuity.Fortunately, by using SQL Server 2008 on Windows Server 2008, organizations can successfully address the issues associated with underutilization by consolidating SQL Server instances and databases onto fewer physical or virtual servers.

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