Cost accommodating classroom technology


In one study, 74% admitted that they would have stayed in school if they could make the same decision again.So although the reasons students disengage from school are important to understand and address, the basic fact remains that students miss out on long-term payoffs from doing so.Labor-market outcomes remain bleak throughout life. Dropouts aged 50 earn an average of .50 an hour and are most commonly employed in construction, food services, and truck transportation. For example, 33% of recent female dropouts have given birth as a teenager, 13% of male and female dropouts are separated or divorced, 32% report being unhealthy, and 22% report being unhappy, according to data from the 2005–2010 waves of the General Social Survey, which is considered a reliable indicator of societal trends.Several studies also link a region’s proportion of dropouts to its overall prosperity.For these reasons, the high-school dropout rate is sometimes used as a quality measure of schools and an appraisal of the skill level of the future national workforce.

Much scientific evidence supports the view that increasing the compulsory schooling age is socially desirable.Individuals earn higher wages if they work in regions with fewer dropouts, irrespective of their own level of educational attainment.Crime rates are lower, and civic participation is higher.Of course, there is no single explanation: Conflicts at home, urgent financial difficulties, and unexpected pregnancies are only a few examples.Some dropouts say they are too poorly prepared to complete.States generally set the laws covering compulsory attendance.

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