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There's also a story about how Brockmire caught his wife cheating on him, had a breakdown on the air and was consequently fired.

Azaria wants to turn "Jim Brockmire" into a film, but Bierko allegedly is getting in his way.

In 2010, he created a video for Funny or Die that features the voice in the character of "Jim Brockmire." The viral video is a mock documentary of a legendary baseball announcer with a penchant for obscure cultural references.

Testimonials are given from real-life sports announcers including Dan Patrick, Joe Buck and Rich Eisen.

The play ‘Standing on Ceremony: The Gay Marriage Plays’ is related to the gay marriage which is for a good cause.

The actor of his kind does not hesitate to show some skin as per the demand of the character.

When most people think about what copyright protects, it's things like movies, TV shows, music or books -- not character voices. VIDEO: ' The Simpsons' Mocks Karl Rove Azaria says he came up with the voice of an old-timey baseball announcer who speaks with peculiar inflections as far back as 1983, when, according to his lawsuit filed Wednesday in California federal court, "he performed it on the quadrangle of his college." He says he met Bierko in 1990 and shared the baseball announcer voice with him, too.As a part and the plot of the scenes, Bierko with his other co-actor Freddie Stroma and Tom Brittney went shirtless as a part of the scene in ‘Un Real,’ Mother.The plot was so hilarious that even made the audience into a complete laughter riot.But had Bierko already come up with his own baseball announcer voice?The two actors are said to have had a mutual acquaintance who, before 1990, had heard Azaria's voice and knew of Bierko's voice.Azaria is now suing Bierko over rights to the "Jim Brockmire Character," which was featured by Azaria on a popular Funny or Die video.

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