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He explained to her how I was doing and showed her pictures of me and that I had started pre-school.

After that initial shock, she felt content with the knowledge that I was okay.

I was having family dinner with our friends the Jackmans (Hugh and Deb). In terms of content and stories and getting my family involved, I’m a co-producer of the series and I had some input.

We usually would do Friday night dinners with the kids and we were there and my husband took me over to meet Charlie, whom he has known for years because he has been doing food programming for PBS for a long time. Miyukgook (미역국), Mookgook (묵국) and lots of soups and things as that is what my daughter was raised on. Did you have input into what foods and locations were featured? My producer Eric did the location scouting and spent six weeks in Korea traveling around finding places.

I gave them all the information I had and I talked to them for about 20 minutes on the phone and three months later I received a call from them telling me that she was in Brooklyn.

So, you had no idea that she was actually in America?

My sister is natural-born from my adoptive parents. I think due to me being shy and not putting words together properly, I’m not fluent speaking it. No, I didn’t see anyone around where I grew up that was mixed Korean until I went to college.

Doing this cookbook I was able to perfect a recipe and we have it every weekend. Did you grow up around other mixed Koreans or people of mixed heritage?

Before you started your search, had your adoptive parents given you the documentation they compiled?I actually met Charlie and Eric (my two producers), at my husband’s restaurant.They were having dinner trying to raise funding for this series and initially they had a Korean chef in mind to be the host.I had seen it before and they had showed it to me before. His name is William Brown and he was from Mississippi. Did your adopted family incorporate any Korean culture in your upbringing? They tried to, initially, when I was adopted and was in Korea on the base.I just took that file with me when I went off to school. My parents got a Korean ajumma to cook and take care of me.After that my producer, Eric Rhee, who is Korean American, had always had a dream to do a show on Korea.

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