Dating baseball terms


To my relief, my close friends were as accepting as can be.It was a shock to some, as apparently I had the "straight jock" title glued to my forehead, but they were glad that I was telling them.It was a time where I was trying to maintain good grades for college, while also worrying about getting recruited for baseball.The beginning of spring and the baseball season started off very well.And in high school, there were lot of things I competed with, and my sexuality was a big one.

The fifth game of the season was suspenseful as all hell and I can't picture the night any clearer.

Still a little shy about it, I asked the few I told to not go telling everybody, but it's high school so something like that is going to spread like wildfire.

I was content until the winter of senior year during basketball season.

I pitched our team into the state tournament, with a cast on my left wrist.

I came back to pitch the rest of the game I originally got injured in and we won. Overcoming something as demoralizing as a sports injury opened up new doors, and helped prove to myself that it was OK to be whom I was.

My friends and I did all we could find out who had done it, but there was no way of telling.

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