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Feel free to browse or search these interesting China Chat discussions where visitors from all over the world help each other solve mysterious backstamps.This is a free to access public record which has been being built since 2007.The most common type of vase we have seen on our posts is the typical Chinese Famille Rose decoration.Famille Rose means 'the family of reds', refering to the enamel paints.Famille Rose enamels are mixed with white and so are opaque (not see through).The green tinted style (Familler Vert) has a transluscent see-through effect and pays homage to the paintings of the Kangxi period.Chinese crackle glaze vase with elephant handles and blue marks written in Chinese I have a Chinese crackle glaze lamp of my grandfathers (born 1876 - 1972) It has been turned into a lamp in the past and has 4 markings on the base. I've jumped onto the "Minimalist" movement and have many totes …

Many of these marks are on 20th century export replicas, and not the real thing.

A new red palette was developed in the Yongzheng era and became very popular for export in the Qianlong period.

The red/rose enamel palette was developed after much technical development and people in the West seemed to really like it, especially when the decoration was complimentary to the ornate European style fashionable at the time (Rococo).

This is the pottery identification marks - China Chat archive - Oriental/Far East section.

We look to investigate some of the mysteries of the East.

In Chinese, the same words can be written very differently. It is important to understand that an apocryphally marked item (made later than the era stated), does not render the item either a 'fake' or valueless.

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