Dating egyptian men


like don't show that your rich even if you are rich.and say that you have Loans and struggle back home.She's in her 50's and met a guy in his 30's who claimed to be head over heels for her. I've met his mother before when i was younger but when i went back now i havent seen her. Good everyone: Im peruvian and i met an indian guy (by the net) we have been talking for a long time...

For all those women out there - planning a trip to Egypt... So, why would they want their wife to pay for things. But now that im older and hes been engaged 2 times. Like if I go to vist him I will be staying with him at his home because he lives alone, I know it will be looked down at but what I am scared about that is will we be in trouble.They were married in Cairo but we now believe that the marriage is not legal in the UK. He has asked me to come to egypt to vist when I am off from school and he said just tell him and my plane ticket will be waiting....Do u know where she stands as far as visa and claiming for her money. A genuine love will not ask you for money or visas as he will love you but bare in mind... also He wants to have a child and when ask him question about how will his family will feel knowing that hes not married his reply was that is the child is his and he dose not care what anyone thinks and he tells me that I worry too much and I am always thinking and that I should just enjoy life...Please If You Had similar Experience share With us add more Tips. a peruvian girl met an egiptian guy, they got married and they went to egipt... but he used to abuse her, hit her, luckily they didnt have children otherwise it would have been hard for her to leave egipt (having a baby betweet them).Thanks My Mum had a really bad experience in Luxor. i dont want to scared u, but u know in this world u find all kind of people (good, bad, crazy).and we have experience similar cases mostly they scared and try to negotiate to get your money back before you start any serious act in the court that might cause him problems end up in Jail.

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