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You are in college, intelligent, tall and in shape.Now all you need to do is take stock in those assets, and try a slower approach.I feel kind of bad about that, I had to look at myself in a light that didnt really look too great. well I am interested to know how others feel about this subject and if they themselves could over look the lower drives of the human condition and date someone for who they are as a soul and not just because of their body. Another guy I dated had had brain surgery and on the first date made a big show of showing me his scar from it.suddenly realizing I am not as decent of a person as I like to think I am. I'd have no problem with an amputee or anyone else, for that matter. Having a head injury is an equally tragic thing, She should have put him in a place where he could be cared for better.

or for another example if they had a prosthetic nose, mainly just something that was very evident. Most of the time when a deformed person finds a mate, it is love, and it last. In my case I saw that I was not as accepting and open as I generally think I am. I've found that it bothers some people and it doesn't bother others.their people pull it off as a "badge of honor"... She did and at least one of them is happy instead of both of them miserable. You might think they could lower their standards and find a disabled female. Any investigation will reveal that all young disabled females easily find a boy friend]I'm not trying to single out a specific sex. I have networked with many other parents of children with disabilities.

You can attract women by being confidence and happy and having a good sense of humor.

I don't know about the other women on here, but I certainly wouldn't write a man off because of an ear deformity.

Maybe whatever character flaw is it that women don't like has nothing to even do with your ear. Guys need to realize playing video games hiding at home does not help your socialization skills, but instead nearly disables a lot of young men.

But I know you could have a much worse deformity and for that reason, I imagine for some or even a lot of women, your ear may have nothing to do with their rejection. Also realize if you sit around doing nothing then you have nothing to talk about if do happen to met someone.

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