Dating in the dark show wiki


Cordelia and Doyle worry that Angel hasn't checked in.Little do they know, their friend is suspended by long, manacled chains from the ceiling of a large warehouse."In The Dark" is third episode of the first season of Angel. It is also the continuation of the Buffy the Vampire Slayer episode "The Harsh Light of Day". After failing to extract the information, he barters with Cordelia Chase and Doyle. to retrieve the Gem of Amara, which makes a vampire invincible. In the meantime, Spike hires a vampire skilled in torture and abducts Angel.

After Angel and Oz's laconic greetings, Oz holds a ring out to Angel. Doyle explains that the ring is a priceless talisman which "renders the wearer one hundred percent unkillable, if he's a vampire" meaning Angel can, among other things, go out into daylight.Spike introduces him to his captor, Marcus, a master torturer with a taste for (eating and torturing) children.Accompanied by the strains of Mozart's Symphony #41 (which Spike mistakes for Brahms), the eerily reserved vampire prepares his instruments while Spike recites highlights from Marcus' gruesome curriculum vitae.Puzzled, she stops and hides, then stands, looking back the way she came.Suddenly, a man grabs her from behind, threatens her, and slaps her to the ground.Telling her he can't take it anymore, Rachel's strung-out boyfriend Lenny points a gun at her head and starts to pull the trigger.

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