Dating life 1980s

After the turmoil of the 1960s and 1970s, many Americans looked forward to the 1980s as a time of optimism and inspiration.The Vietnam War was behind us, as was the Watergate Conspiracy and the resignation of Richard Nixon, and most people wanted leaders that inspired them and whom they could admire.In television, as well as other areas of American society, women were beginning to make visible strides.As a mother of young children during the 1980s, my teen years and young adult years during the 1960s and 1970s seemed to have existed in another lifetime.As women were entering the work force in ever greater numbers, they often appreciated the fact that using Ms.

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Also, by the mid-1980s women were earning 49% of all master's degrees and about 33% of all doctoral degrees.

Music in the 1980s seemed to be split into two drastically different genres.

New Wave and Synthpop music became popular with the easy listening crowd, while hard rock and heavy metal began to dominate the musical tastes of the young.

Other women began to be visible in American politics, as well.

In 1981, Reagan appointed Sandra Day O'Connor (pictured below) to be the first woman on the U. Supreme Court and Jeanne Kirkpatrick was named ambassador to the United Nations.

Like many young women who had grown up during those eras, I was now busy with my home and family life, concerned with fashion and consumer goods.

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