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I'm definitely not a normal local because I'm Westernized and think/act like a Westerner, which is not how a Taiwanese is expected to be.

In America, I am used to being treated like a Westerner, so it is awkward to be treated like a local Taiwanese in Taiwan by everyone constantly.

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Just because it takes place in hushed voices in your bedroom with your girlfriend, and not on a street corner, doesn’t mean it’s not prostitution. She’s lowering her interest rates — if you know what I mean. Expecting them to make a difference on the “broader world” is torture.

Expecting them to do anything but fuck up and then not know how to fix it is irresponsible, irrational, and worst of all: unmanly. They’re all born with a black American Express Card called a “vagina”.

With all these distractions, it’s a goddamn miracle women can even remember to get dressed in the morning. Today, men are responsible for exactly what we’ve been responsible for since the beginning of time: everything.

Honestly, Taiwan may have good Chinese food, safe streets and polite people (when they aren't driving that is).I sort of want all those things, too, but I also want to have a great career and have an impact on the broader world.” Yea. It’s a level of insane that can only be responded to with a “go fuck yourself.” That’s what you say to a vagrant when one tells you he invented the moon. The expectations put on women in today’s world are unbearably high and of an intolerable weight to the female psyche.Let’s leave maintaining a career and social circle out of it for a moment — both of which women are expected to handle.The entire disaster can be summed up in one quote from a female business school student. If you asked me to raise the dead and fly around the world so fast that time reversed like some kind of Superman-Jesus, I would tell you to go fuck yourself.“My mother’s life goals were to have a beautiful garden, a well-kept house, and well-adjusted children who did well in school. If you tell them something enough times, they’ll believe it like it’s gospel. That’s exactly the same as telling a woman she’s capable of doing what a man can.But it is also a very boring, miserable, repressed place where you can be yourself or tell the truth, and I will explain why, in ways no one else has before or dares to.

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