Dating site for people with psoriasis


Explain that while you may want to be intimate, there may be times during active flares where you are just unable to do so.

Of course in the world of specialized online dating, there are those dating sites that cater to those who have psoriasis.

Living with psoriasis can be difficult at times, both physically and emotionally.

It can have an impact on relationships of all kinds, including family, friends, and romantic or sexual partners.

However, if your outbreaks are easily hidden, and you’re not spending your dates going swimming, then you might be able to give the relationship a chance to grow.

Of course, before you get intimate, you will need to explain your condition.

When a person with psoriasis is going through a challenging period of time with symptoms of the condition, it can also have an effect on family members and significant others.

It is difficult to see someone you love going through physical and/or emotional pain, yet it can be hard to know the best way to support a family member with psoriasis.

Make sure your partner understands that when you are experiencing flares, with the accompanying pain and discomfort, that you are not rejecting him/her.

Thankfully, you are not alone and there are plenty of people who have successfully dealt with psoriasis dating and are now happily in a relationship with someone who is not only understanding but supportive.

Of course to help a potential partner understand what you’re going through you’re going to have to first open up and explain about your condition.

If your patches are not easy to hide, you may actually have the timing factor taken out of your control.

Then the best thing is to explain it, similar to how this one woman did: “my immune system is misreading things and my body is producing more skin cells than it should.” Then explain that it is not contagious and a little bit about what causes it.

When it comes to psoriasis dating, fear of rejection is probably going to be your greatest enemy.

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