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Well, it is a good idea; but engaging in outdoor activities on first dates is a great idea.Why don’t you take your special girl to Wasini Island? Take a day trip from Mombasa to Wasini Island with her, enjoy the scenic views of the sea, participate in water spot activities such as snorkelling, swimming and diving.Enjoy succulent seafood dishes, we love the Gratinated Lobster under a creamy cheese topping, it’s very delicious and we are sure your date will love it.

Finally, you can feast on fresh seafood at a nearby restaurant and have a relaxed moment to yourselves.

The location is as important as the first date, you need to take her to a place where you can win her heart and not irk her.

An ideal date location should be a place where you can communicate easily with your date and intensify her feelings for you. We’ve selected 15 amazing first date locations in Kenya.

The whole emphasis of this resort is on fun, you can easily get over your first date nerves and feel relaxed.

You can spend some time together with your date to determine whether there is an attraction between the two of you; play golf together, take a walk through the nature trails and enjoy the wonders of nature.

K Lounge menu features delicious snacks with a great blend of best coffee and tea; this is an amazing opportunity to share a delicious meal with your date.

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