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* Right click on mail account name in Folder Pane and select ' Settings' * select ' Copies & Folders' * select ' Place a copy in' * select ' Other' and choose the server ' Sent' folder (or what ever they called it) on the imap mail account. As I put in my other post, this is a regular problem with tiscali and has been for me for more than 2 years.

* click on ' Subscribe' * click on OK Now check account settings to make sure you are using that folder. Finally, I reset everything, port 143 and password encripted, and it is now working again.

* select the outgoing server * click on ' Edit' ' Description' is a field name which allows you enter whatever you like to help identify that smtp server. * click on ' OK' * click on ' OK' Then check to see what is stored for passwords. All the time you have spent helping this technophobic, ignoramus is so appreciated. 2 hours ago in desperation I set up the same account on Microsoft mail and it self set and downloaded mail in less than 2 minutes but Thunderbird still wasn't working.

There was an error saving the message to sent.retry. There should only be the one as you removed other account. * Connection Security: ''' STARTTLS''' * Authentication Method: '''' Normal Password'''' * User Name: '''full email address''' - it must the same as the mail account email address. The support I paid for with new computer refuse to get involved in e mail issues. It usually returns without any action after an hour or 12.

Very occassionally I can receive e mail/send them ..most of the time I cannot.

The easiest response is to do nothing but twice in 25 hours is desperate. @as these do not seem to be affected and monitoring the old one on Microsoft Mail as it doesn't seem to be affected along with Talk Talk emails.

I got so fed up with it I assumed it was my computers fault. Imagine my distress at all these problems starting up again.

He said it was probably our slow is not that slow.

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