Deal breakers for men when dating


Height can be a deal breaker for some women, says the founder of Elite Dating Managers, who goes by the name 'Isabel.' But lying about it won't help. You've finally met someone who seems to be the partner of your dreams.In fact it’s considered even worse than common dating deal-breakers like not offering to split the bill! 3) Getting out your selfie stick during dinner It might be wise to forget your camera altogether, as mid-date selfies are also frowned upon.Indeed, hated by men in particular (12% consider this a deal breaker), selfies are an even bigger first date sin than not tipping.A new Elite Singles study, sourced from anonymous user data from 1300 Americans looked into the ins and outs of first date deal breakers and discovered the top 10 first date faux-pas – take note!1) Number 1 Behavior Deal Breaker: Getting very drunk There is a difference between having a small glass of wine for some Dutch courage before a first date and getting stupidly drunk over dinner.Sure, he may 'feel' divorced and 'feel' like he's ready to move on, but you still have to wonder what else he's being dishonest about. 'Obviously, being married is a deal-breaker,' says 51-year old divorcee, Mia Winner.

You never know, if your date goes well you may not have to go on the other ones.

But it is important to choose your words carefully; you need to show your date that you do respect them and consider them an equal, despite not feeling romantically attracted to them.

There’s no need to be unnecessarily hurtful or mean; you simply need to explain that you cannot picture yourself romantically with them and that you feel your personalities aren’t matched.

For all those American singles who are sick of going on terrible dates; our survey investigated what the ultimate first date deal breakers are and some of the results might surprise you!

While we all know talking about your ex, being rude and sitting on your phone the whole time are dating no-nos, some seemingly innocent acts may be preventing you from getting a second date!

In fact, men in particular disliked this and 60% consider it a deal breaker.

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