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In 2002, she was introduced to A&M Records A&R Ron Fair.

After listening to an unfinished version of her single "Love", which would eventually become her first platinum single, he signed her and began mentoring her.

Keyshia Cole was born on October 15, 1981 in Oakland, California, and is the biological daughter of Francine "Frankie" Lons and boxing trainer Virgil Hunter.

Cole and Hunter met for the first time in 2016 after a paternity test confirmed their connection.

It was nominated for Best Contemporary R&B Album at the 50th Grammy Awards.

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Cole's fifth album Woman to Woman (2012) debuted at number 10 on the Billboard 200, with first week sales of 96,000, lower than her last effort.

But the singer has learned from being so open and honest, and therefore, she’s hesitant about sharing anything about her love life due to the impact it’s had on her relationships (both romantic and not). “I tried it with my husband there, Daniel, and it didn’t turn out so well, and neither did it turn out so well with family, so I’m really skeptical about that, and I haven’t came up with a conclusion yet for that.” The star has been on multiple reality shows before franchise, Cole seems to have a positive relationship with Daniel “Boobie” Gibson and he even lives with her to help care for their son, Daniel, Jr.

However, as far as the love part, we have only seen the pair talk about their divorce and their son.

The album stayed on the charts for over a year, selling over 1.6 million copies.

After A&M folded, Cole released her second album Just like You (2007) under Geffen Records, and the album debuted and peaked at number two on the Billboard 200.

She was adopted at age two by family friends Leon and Yvonne Cole, changing her last name to Cole.

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