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Is there a way I can stop syncing apps with i Tunes without first obliterating the apps from the i Phone and re-downloading them? However, when I deselect "Sync Apps" in i Tunes, I get the message: From testing, it seems you can't break that link without having to re-download.Now that i OS 5 and i Cloud are released, I want to stop storing all my apps on my computer, and instead just let them be downloaded directly to each of my devices. Since the change requires you to synchronize the phone, you will need to re-download the files from the phone once you've un-ticked the box, since the synchronize does remove the applications completely.

Have the cable disconnected but the device still visible via wifi.

Now reconnect via cable turn wifi sync back on and sync your device via wifi or cable doesn't matter which.

Now disconnect the cable, goto apps in i Tunes and delete all apps.

Now that you've disabled automatic synchronization between i Tunes and your i Phone, there's another option you can use to switch i Tunes into manual mode.

That way, you can selectively choose what music and videos should sync to your i Phone.

And it's an entertainment superstore that stays open 24/7.

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