Does accomodating


In order for the client to be able to move forward, first he must recognize he is over-accommodating.

Could there be an approach that would aid us in creating a life with less stress and more joy?

This does not mean one should disregard the feelings and needs of others completely; it means one should examine how the perspective of accommodating others is supporting or hindering us in life. Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines accommodating as, “willing to please: helpful, obliging.” The list of related words includes “over-indulgent” and “permissive”.

Accommodating can be positive, and even honorable when done in proper measure.

What are the signs that accommodating is sabotaging our life?

When a person becomes conditioned to be accommodating, the lines between the person and others can become blurred.

Let’s look at assertiveness in contrast to accommodating.

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