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You'll notice it when you're texting a guy you really like and you see that Shift in reply-time and substance of texts sent. Maybe you kicked it off with them when you had a lot of free time but now don't. More than 8 hours is usually going to be taken as a lack of interest, so bear that in mind. Then there's the type where you'll be having a back and forth and then they just stop responding.

You could send the Wrong vibe if the change is sudden and right after your 1st date.... But yeah, once in a while you will run into a weirdo -- about ANYTHING, but that's not tied to "texting rules", it's just them being overwhelming in general. If you have conversation banter going, basically the best move is is to let them know you gotta run if you can't reply for a while, while it's been quick banter for a while leading to that point. Now one of my pet peeves is when I actually ask someone to meet with me, go somewhere together, like, you know, a “date”, and they don’t answer, just leave me hanging. Say Sunday morning, around 11, I decide I want to catch a matinee, around 4 or 5 p.m., that same day. No " I gotta go now, ttyl "They just stop responding A lot of people do this actually Too many Cell phone etiquette sucks hard apparently Ewww ?

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If I have the choice of someone replying right away vs taking their sweet a ss time responding I can tell you which one is going to get old pretty quick.

Then again, I'm a gen x guy so maybe I'm of the wrong demographic It's difficult to say, OP. I wouldn't overthink about how quickly you reply to a guy's text. I personally don't check my mobile during the day due to work and I find it distracting.

So text messages sent in the morning get replied from me after work.

I equate communication signals in here to the use of the old, portable analog transistor radios.

You extend that aluminum antenna, pop in a brand new 9-volt battery, and fudge with the tuning dial until you get a signal.

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Stage 1: Initial Meeting/Attraction Dating relationships have to start somewhere.

At this stage, the attraction may not be too “deep” and each half of a couple is generally putting his or her best foot forward.

Differences are not noticed or are dismissed with thoughts like “not a big deal” or “she will change”.

But when you're in the "early stages of dating" as you call it -- Many times there are people who Do lose interest, and aren't going to disappear -- but suddenly "slow on the draw". I just make a note that she requires advance notice. But...yes, if I fellow text me and I didn't respond right away and they got pissy..well!

Kind of like not disappearing, but always being "busy" -- in communication format. But the ones that get to me are the ones who answer Monday morning, “Sorry, I just saw your text.” Yeah, really? I give people some time or if it's late notice....don't hold it against them if they say No or miss my message. If it's an interest, I may be more diligent.....depends on my interest.

A change of interest level on reply time & fruitfulness of what you say -- usually denotes a change of interest in the person (positive OR negative). If we’re talking, if we have an actual conversation going on via text messaging, with a minimum of 2 messages each, and I’m going to leave the conversation, I always make a point of “signing off”. Take that Teabone guy for example, he starts a thread, doesn't respond until 4 years later to ask a mod to delete it - doesn't even give us an update !

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