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Such file systems also provide only a single way of organizing the files, namely via directories and file names.

applications tend to use their own, often proprietary, file formats.

This hampers sharing of data between multiple applications.

It becomes difficult to create an application which processes information from multiple file types, because the programmers have to understand the structure and semantics of all the files.

When Win FS was introduced at the 2003 Professional Developers Conference, Microsoft also released a video presentation, named IWish, showing mockup interfaces that showed how applications would expose interfaces that take advantage of a unified type system.

The concepts shown in the video ranged from applications using the relationships of items to dynamically offer filtering options to applications grouping multiple related data types and rendering them in a unified presentation.

However, this still does not help in managing related data, as disparate items do not have any relationships defined.

Individual data items could then be related together by relationships, which are either inferred by the system based on certain attributes or explicitly stated by the user.While Win FS and its shared type schema make it possible for an application to recognize the different data types, the application still has to be coded to render the different data types.Consequently, it would not allow development of a single application that can view or edit all data types; rather, what Win FS enables applications to do is understand the structure of all data and extract the information that they can use further.Desktop search applications take this concept a step further.They extract data, including attributes, from files and index it.This allows files to be searched for by their attributes, in ways not possible using a folder hierarchy, such as finding "pictures which have person X".

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