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You won’t even notice it until you attempt to send a text message to a contact with an i Phone, and the message suddenly goes blue.Apple automatically detects when the recipient is using i OS 5 and diverts the message via the data channel rather than your network’s SMS channel.

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In one recently popular scheme, scammers get your contacts from mobile apps, then text you posing as people you know to seek money or ID-theft-worthy information, says Jonathan Sasse, marketing executive at First Orion, a digital security firm that provides the mobile app Privacy Star.

Full i Message synchronisation between i Pad and i Phone is apparently possible between 3G versions of the tablet, but we haven’t been able to test that.

Most telephone scammers rely on talk, getting you to pick up the phone so they can give their impersonations of IRS agents, noble fundraisers, tech-support saviors or grandkids in need.

The other small advantage of sending texts via i Message is you get an instant messaging-style speech bubble on the screen when the other person is typing a message to you, so you know when you’re about to get an incoming message.i Pad messagingi Message also works on the i Pad, allowing you to send text messages even from devices without a 3G SIM.

Synchronisation is a little patchy in our experience with a Wi-Fi only i Pad using the same i Tunes account as an i Phone 4S.

But with a new breed of telephone fraudsters, sometimes you don’t even need to say "Hello" to get ripped off. There are scam artists who spend hours calling the customer service centers of banks, insurance companies and other institutions, posing as people like you, to try to access accounts.

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