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Once students learn there will be consequences for misbehavior, they usually come around.Here are three steps to help you set up consequences: Classroom management, especially with elementary and junior high age students, never ends.” Open with couple attention getting comments and continue until everyone is with you.Remember, don’t start teaching until all eyes are on you and everyone is in their seat.

” Remember to use his name when you begin to speak, otherwise he may not hear the question.It is an ongoing process, but once the foundation is laid, it only takes occasional reminders.Dave Foley taught junior high in Cadillac, Michigan, for 29 years, where he also coached varsity cross country and junior high track.As you work with a student at his or her desk, place yourself so you can see most of the class.As you move around the classroom, don’t follow the same pattern.If that paper has no mistakes, then the whole class will have a shorter (or no) warm-up the next day.

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