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Lingerie is an absolute passion and I enjoy wearing basques, teddy's, corselettes, panty girdles, corsets, stockings, tights and everything else in between. I love the smart, classy look and particularly like pencil skirts, wrap dresses and tight dresses. I have enjoyed wearing women's clothes for an age.The highest of heels are a great love of mine and I manage to enjoy these as much as possible.

Full corsetry, lingerie, dresses and hose plus the highest heels. I love wedding dresses, PVC, maids attire as well as leotards and restrictive underwear. I have invested in a large G cup pair of silicon boobs and these help my figure look incredibly feminine.

We allow the students to hone their skills and write precise answers allowing them to perform beyond their teachers’ and parents’ expectations.

Anees classes is a platform for students to build strong concept -understanding and bring out their inherent strength to achieve their academic and social goals. If it receives a Reply, It Stays, Otherwise it Departs.

We believe our students are our best testimonials, their happiness is our motto and their success our goal!

Anees Classes is a one- of- its- kind coaching institute because the focus is on the student and his overall personality development.

I am keen on wearing anything that makes me look fully feminine and altering my body shape.

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