Frum dating ideas


Judging from your articles and website, I cant think of any reasons, but maybe could think of some.Guys: When introducing your girlfriend/fiance to a friend, do not ask your friend if he thinks the girl is attractive.

Yes, im sure you truely believe that your wench of a girlfriend is, in fact, very pretty, but odds are, she isnt.

look/height and build, regular "nice" personallity and middle-upperclass parents.

Such stats put moshe in around the 50th percentile in the shidduch market.

With girls, on the otherhand, you can still find a good percentage of quality at the 23 age range.

Of course, many of the most desirable girls will have been snatched up before they hit 21, but there is less disparity overall between girls in the 50th-75th percentile of desirability. Of course, if Rava really wished to flummox his colleague, he couldhave asked a much simpler question: What`s your hashkafa?

This completely ignores that fact that most singles who are considered part of the "shidduch crisis, usually have been out with over 50 (sometimes even more) different people.

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