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But observers said it is an early move in a major reform process.“It is significant as a step forward to liberalize land rights,” said Dan Wang of The Economist Intelligence Unit research group.We provide a very special ambience for patients with private health insurance and self-paying patients, as well as dermatological medical services and in the affiliated private practices.

These include all locomotor system diseases (joints and back), operative treatment of diseases in the abdominal cavity, thyroid gland diseases, trauma surgery and urology treatment.

We measure and check the quality of our treatment continuously – for demonstrably and noticeably better medicine.

China observers have expressed support for a new Chinese government policy on land and property rights.

Wasana Wongsurawat is an assistant professor at Chulalongkorn University in Bangkok.

Almost 59 percent of China’s population already lives in urban areas.

The observers say a growing number of houses are empty in rural areas as people move to cities.

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