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Part of the answer to this question will determine how you time your event and set it up, such as providing childcare and the type of introduction you give.

First and foremost, you want to organize a speed networking event so that people have a chance to interact with new people.

You may find the majority orders one dish and everyone else orders another, so the five people who ordered one thing can simply be called out by name and everyone else can be served easily after that.

I would also recommend having some appetizers included in the price, available on arrival.

It will cause some people to mingle and satiate their hunger, as dinner may be later than many are used to after a full day of work.

Having a cash bar available also helps with social lubrication and keeps your wait staff happier with their tips!

I would recommend approaching a small restaurant to see if you can book it out on their quietest night of the week, or on a night that they are usually closed.

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The first post in the series will cover why people go to networking events // recommended group sizes // how to choose a venue // best option for meal plans // organizing RSVPs // and designing handouts It is very important to keep this in mind!Each semester we work hard to organize the best events!Our signature events comprise the already well-known Startup Speed-Dating, EC Award and Fuck Up Night.If you can, use Paypal or Eventbrite to have your attendees pay for their meal and any overhead costs prior to arriving.It makes the registration process easier and also ensures that you have the funds ready to pay the venue.This post is part of a series that comes to us from Anne @Unique Gifter, a website full of awesome gift giving ideas and ways to spice up otherwise mundane wedding gifts, like sheets!

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