Interracial dating with black women lehman brothers liquidating


For the reasons many probably don’t but one of them being the lessons that were overlooked, yet show themselves true as life goes on.One of those subjects is the intricacies of interracial dating.What has resurfaced is a discussion on can someone be Pro-Black and date interracially.Very loaded question and topic, and ultimately speaking, it seems a lot of us discussing the topic don’t even have the same meaning or definition of terms.The conversation of interracial dating in the Black community has been going on for decades, and will no doubt continue.But it’s important that we make space to discuss the ways that colonization, desirability, misogynoir, and anti-Black racism work to oppress those within the Black community.White supremacy and colonization are so entrenched in every facet of our lives that those who most closely resemble this projected ideal (that is: cis, white, conventionally attractive, thin, able-bodied and neurotypical) are the ones that are seen and upheld as the most desirable.

Interracial dating becomes even more loaded for Black folks who are LGBTQ .Truthfully, its because the Breakfast club continues to give a fraudulent, nefarious scam artist formerly known at Jermaine Shoemake a platform continuously, but I digress.That scam artist ruffled some feathers over the past week or so stating that “He can not respect a black man who dates or marries a black woman.” I’m not going to link you to his diatribe because I refuse to give that man more credit than he deserves, moving on.On an individual basis, the question is undoubtedly “no.” But this isn’t about what we individually feel — it’s about a society that’s so enraptured with white supremacy and anti-Black racism that we’re unable to have a community call-in about what these things mean for us.It’s unfair to frame the question simply to a “” when, instead, we should be examining how we can do better at unpacking decolonization and white supremacy in our love lives.It’s well documented that personally, I am not now, nor ever have been a fan of interracial relationships.

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