Is craiglist good for dating


And the Electronic Frontier Foundation warned it was a “significant rollback” for online speech, because sites could be penalized for unknowingly hosting that kind of content, and others could shut down for fear of a legal crackdown.

For now, at least, one of the Internet’s most old-school dating forums is no more.

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Reddit is also a member of Internet Association, as is Google, which lobbied heavily against earlier versions of the legislation.

So if someone posts something illegal on a site, the site isn’t legally responsible.

But the new legislation Congress passed would mean that websites would be liable for user posts that promote sex trafficking; the law would also make it easier for victims of sex trafficking to sue companies that host that kind of user content.

Craigslist abruptly shut its personals section just days after Congress approved a bill expanding the criminal and civil liability of website operators over user-generated content.

President Trump is expected to soon sign the measure into law.

Reddit’s policy change appears to have affected the sections Escorts, Male Escorts, Hookers, and Sugar Daddy.

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