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Adult Fiction on Biblical Themes (Philadelphia Yearly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends): List from the Quakers of many unusual works that draw from Biblical themes and stories, including Robert A.Heinlein's , which views the birth of Christ obliquely through the eyes of Mary's childhood friends.

Bibliography of Mormon Speculative Fiction (Marny K.

Native American Novelists (Fairfax County Public Library, VA): Native American authors listed (with tribe and small bit of background info), with about 50 titles listed in all.

Native American Mysteries (Santa Fe Public Library): By author, lists title(s), publication years, and sleuth. Native American Authors, Characters or Settings (Johnson County Library, KS): Lists about 30 titles with webcat links and notation if the book is a mystery, from Sherman Alexie's .

Parkin): Author, title, publication info listed only for hundreds of titles.

Mormons In Popular Literature Bibliography: 1979-2000 (Michael Austin): Author, title, publication info for over 100 novels in categories of Westerns, Historical Romances, Science Fiction/Fantasy/Horror, True Crime Novels, and Mystery Novels.

Also: If You Liked Eric Jerome Dickey's The Other Woman ... (12 books); If You Liked Omar Tyree's Flyy Girl ... Literature of the Middle East (Evanston Public Library, IL): Author, title, summary for about 40 fiction works, as well as poetry and anthologies, about Arab-Americans, Moroccans, Iranians, Algerians, Turkish, Lebanese, Saudis, Iraqis, etc., some set in the middle east and some in other places. The Islamic World in Fiction (Seattle Public Library): 'A selection of fiction reflecting various aspects of Islamic culture, faith, and history around the world.' Author, title, short summary for about 30 novels, from Leila Aboulela's . Asian American Fiction (Multnomah County Library, OR): Author, title, and publication year (no summaries) for novels by Asian Americans, listed by nationality: Burmese American (1), Chinese American (48), Filipina & Filipino American (11), Japanese American (24), Korean American (12), Laotian American (3), Taiwanese American (2), and Vietnamese American (3). Fiction from India (Madison Public Library, WI): Author, title, publication year listed for over 50 books. East Indian Novels (Johnson County Library, KS): Lists over 40 fiction titles by Indian authors, with webcat links.

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