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You can get cheap sex in Accra with no problems and if you spend enough time looking around can find some very hot girls.

As far as meeting single girls that aren’t hookers goes this can be kind of difficult.

It is still one of the top places in town to go but may have been replaced by Hot Gossip on Oxford Street.

You can expect that damn near every girl at Jokers is a hooker, at Hot Gossip you should assume they all are but there might be some non pros in the mix.

They aren’t aware the girl is a pro and are shocked if she asks for money in the morning.

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One quick note, the police here will sometimes set up road blocks by known prostitute bars.Since the price for sex is so cheap in Ghana it really isn’t a big deal when it happens.This Accra sex guide will start out with the best places for mongering, girls that aren’t pros will follow that up.You can find Ghana escort services on Google, or you can meet hookers on dating apps and social media.Of course online escorts can come with safety risks or fake profiles with less attractive call girls using models for their pictures.Dealing with the logistics of the city and the police who always have a hand out will be.

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