Liberia rated x video


The film did have a lot of anti-American tint to it, and some of it may have been deserved.However, if the filmmakers were going to be critical of the US Government, they seemed to forget to put any real criticism on there brothers in the American Media.The Xvid software runs on many platforms and most popular video players support it.Also, home entertainment devices like TVs or DVD/BD players can handle Xvid video.Funny how that always seems to happen - the media very rarely critizes themselves.It wasn't fair to really point out the lack of American involvement-without pointing out the lack of Western involvement as a whole.Hundreds of innocent civilians die from mortar shells launched from afar and thousands more suffer hunger while the soldiers, mostly teenagers, keep the capital city under siege.The nation prays that America, the world's sole superpower, will put an end to the violence.

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Conceived in Washington in the early 1800s, its constitution written at Harvard, its founding fathers freed slaves who returned to Africa, Liberia is the one country in the world worthy of the title, Made in America.

By the year 2000, Liberia, once considered the gem of Africa, was ranked last in the world for quality of life.

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America, a nation with no memory at all." In Liberia, the summer of 2003 was pure insanity.

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